Friday, June 10, 2016

Extra Event 1

03 May 2016 | 6:00 PM
EDA | 1250 Broad Art Center | UCLA

I went to a lecture by Anne Niemetz on May 3rd at 1250 Broad Art Center at UCLA. Anne is known as a media artist and designer, who works in the fields of wearable technology, interactive installation, and audio-visual design overall, and also during the lecture, she said that she is very interested in combining art, science, design, and technology. She also mentioned about many collaborative projects she has been working on.

Among the works or projects which she has shown us, wearable technology was so interesting and appealing. To me, it was the first time to see these works. Especially, it was so striking that people were wearing clothes, which were not real clothes. Through these wearable technology shows, I could see how art, science, and technology. 

wearable technology by Anne Niemetz 

“Forks in Sockets”, where musicians and engineers together perform with and through the Tesla coil, looked so amazing, since through this performance, I could definitely feel and learn how engineers, contemporary composers, designers, and artists can work together, producing such a great performance. "Forks in Sockets" is a public performance in which the exciting results of these interdisciplinary collaborations are shared with the public.

Forks in Sockets

Lastly, "Drone Sweet Drone" was also quite interesting because drones are often associated with unmanned attacks on people, and especially drone swarms have been a big concern. By looking at some of the slides with Drone Sweet Drone, I could also think about these issues, and these made me really think about drone technology’s uses beyond its associations with warfare.

Drone Sweet Drone [The art installation, Drone Sweet Drone, is in dialogue with these debates and asks us to consider the ordinary and extraordinary affects of drones in our everyday lives.]

This lecture was so informative, and also gave me a great opportunity to learn and feel media art, installation art, and audio-visual design. Since I could clearly see how art, science, media, and technology can be combined in many different media, it was a great learning opportunity.

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